We've enhanced our product offering to incorporate data monetization opportunities with major suppliers. Within our ecosystem we allow for a simplified distribution model that's pervasive.

  1. Data Onboarding - We can ingest any raw data format
  2. Taxonomy Development/Creation - Adcession can create custom taxonomy and audience segments
  3. Distribution - We have the ability to deliver custom data segments to (almost) any DSP and digital agency in the North American market.  
Adcession's data offering is robust and catered specifically for any business, to help target the right audience segments online to maximize your return on investment. As the cookieless mandate and deadline is imminently upon us, we provide you with a future proof solution that provides real results.

At the root of the Adcession business, we are a full-service digital compliance agency, global in reach working with some of the biggest industry partners in the business.

If you'd like to schedule a meeting for more information. Please reach out!

For more information e-mail: john@adcession.com (Founder/President)